Pamela O.Kadlec

Edgefield, South Carolina

All PKPottery is made to be used in your everday life - Functional and Food Safe

Each piece is wheel thrown, hand trimmed and etched. Colors will vary according to clay body, glazes and kiln firing (electric, gas or wood). No two pieces are exactly alike, even in a set.
Pet bowls and plates offered as custom made with your dog's image or breed specific:

BlueCBoySet (71K) Dog bowl for the pup and mugs for you
LabBowl2012 (52K) Labrador Retriever
8" wide x 2" deep - $75.00

LgGoldenBpwl (109K) Golden Retriever
10" wide x 2.5" deep - $125.00

lgBoykinBowl (110K) Boykin spaniel
10" wide x 2.5" deep - $125.00

IWS2 (31K) Irish Water spaniel
8" wide x 2" deep - $75.00

Chessie2 (35K) Chesapeake Bay Retriever
8" wide x 2" deep - $75.00

LabBwlGas (48K) Labrador Retriever - gas kiln fired

Consignment pieces:
MochaBowl (36K) Mocha - gas kiln fired

Barbarebowls2 (53K) Faith and Kicker - - gas kiln fired

iwsbowl (29K) iwsbowl2 (22K) Irish Water spaniel

Clumber Spaniel

DekeWates (32K) Deke

catMugBowl (69K) chihuahua (138K)

Mule9inchPlate (51K)

BSS2010_bowl2 (27K)
Boykin Spaniel Society National Field Trial

GClontz_dogbowlsm (130K)

Anjel (64K) Chance (63K)
Anjel and Chase

4boys_bowls (76K)
4 Boykin spaniels

CVinzant (56K)

Tana_Plate (31K)

Aidenplate (42K) Aiden

BaileyBellPlate (40K) KonaBellPlate (39K)

BDL10inPlte (40K)

AronPlate (31K)

CockerBowl (43K) cockerplatew (75K)
Judges gifts

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